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The Haier Thermocool Remote Control Generator TEC GEN PTR LRG ULT 12000 RS 10KVA/ has a CAPACITY OF 10KVA/8KW that is able to power up to 2ACs and more. And if you don't have up to 2ACs, it means you have more power to handle all of your home's electrical appliances. Your refrigerator, Washing machine, water pumping machine, television etc
Power outages are often a result of harsh weathers such as heavy rain, high wind, lightning strike that cause overhead power lines to break. Though the Electric company repair crew work as hard as they can to restore back power, in some instances it may take days or even weeks before the electricity is back on.

In Nigeria, the issue of power has not always been a great one. Power is very unreliable and that is why having a portable generator on hand to run our home appliances is highly needed. It is not just a matter of convenience but also of safety.
This portable generator provides you with power for most, if not all your home electrical appliances. The benefits of buying this products are:

* Keep your important home appliances running. Your water pumping machine, washing machine and so on. You get to keep water flowing and still have clean clothes during long periods of power outage.
* If you run a home business, a power outage can do a lot of damage to your business. With a portable generator, you can keep the Computers, printers, internet running even in the middle of a wide spread power outage.
* A portable generator would ensure that your Fridge and freezer are running smoothly even in cases of power outage.

All of the above and more is the reason why you need to get the Haier Thermocool Remote Control Generator. This generator was designed to meet the inductive loading needs of the consumers. It’s ideal for home and office that require efficient and reliable source of alternate power.
Main features:
• Generator capacity of 10KVA/8KW that is able to power up to 6ACs and more, it's enough to handle all of your home's electrical appliances.
• Remote control start option for convenient and easy start up.
• Fuel Cap gauge for effective fuel monitoring and management.
• 100% Copper coil for increased effectiveness and reliability of the generating set.
• 12000hours continuous running life span.

This Generator is designed with reduces noise levels, reduced engine vibrations and excellent fuel efficiency that would give you maximum relaxation and benefit for your money.

Buy the Haier Thermocool Remote Control Generator on Afiaanyi Online Store at the best price in Nigeria and enjoy a more relaxed and fun-filled life with constant power supply.