Banrut Rolls Vivian Colored Serviette 2 Ply Assorted

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A perfect blend of softness, absorbency, and strength, It is made of white Economic Grade C paper.

This is a quality serviette for home use, decoration, cleaning, etc.

It can serve in place of tissue paper. It's one of the best qualities you can find around.

Use and throw to prevent germs. Hygienic to use in large gatherings and parties.

Can be kept in any tissue holder or tissue paper stand. Can be kept at home, room, office or in the car, dining table, kitchen, etc

They are also a way to add a decorative touch to your table without spending a lot of money.

And we have new serviettes for every season of the year, so your table will always have something fresh to wear.

Highly absorbent tissue papers. Easy to use - can be used to absorb oil, water, etc, use it to clean & dry hands after lunch, clean kitchen counters and surfaces.

A kitchen roll is a disposable paper that can be used for everyday kitchen and household tasks including wiping tabletops, windows, mirrors, and lots more.

When next you're planning a house party, don't forget to get kitchen paper, serviettes, and hand napkins for your guests to use.

A good serviette will be strong enough to withstand contact with oil and water while still remaining dry for you to wipe your mouth and hands.

If you want to find the best price for serviettes in Nigeria, then this is the right place. The serviette is available in various beautiful colors.

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